Redesign in progress…

Thank you for visiting HyperVerse.  If you have visited here before, you have no doubt noticed right off that things look very different… I am in the process of redesigning/updating the site, making it less of a blog and more of a showcase for my books and stories.  Right now, things are a bit of a mess–but everything should be nice, crisp, and clean by September 1 (at the latest).  By then, I also expect to have one or two new projects to announce, so please do check back…

Smashwords Summer Sale!!!

For the entire month of July, the following ebooks will be on sale at (sale prices shown in parentheses):               Click on any image above to view a book’s page on Smashwords–or view all books here.  

New Short Story: BEHOLDER

Wayne is a silver-tongued master of the dating game, one who knows how to deliver just the right words in just the right way in order to transform any woman he wants into candy in his hands, to be devoured, savored, and forgotten at his pleasure. When he goes out on a blind date with the mysterious Nayantara, however, he will learn there is no such thing as “sweet nothings.” Beholder is available at Amazon and Kobo and elsewhere.     Read the first few pages of the story here.